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What is Certronic?

It is a software specially designed to implement the control of contractors.
It operates as a powerful management too for payroll, documents and expirations, fully adaptable and configurable to the customer´s needs
During the contractor control process, Certronic also offers a set of tools to measure and analyze the performance of each contractor.

Service features

Cloud Computing

Works on an online platform available 24x7.

No investment

In licenses or servers.

SaaS Tool (Software as a Service).

Cost linked to the amount of resources subject to control.

100% Configurable

And adaptable to the needs of the user. Abilities


Integration with SAP

And other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management software.


With access control systems.

Multiple Locations

And User Profiles.


With its own system department.


Use Certronic to implement contractor control.

Main users of CERTRONIC.