Certified Support

Help desk. Certronic has a claims module and permanent professional assistance. The support tickets can be created filling in a special form in the platform or by email using a mailbox set up to handle the creation of support tickets.

Questions frequently asked

What is Certronic?
It is an online platform that allows your company to carry out management as well as control document administration of contractors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Does the Certronic Platform have separate access for customers and suppliers?
Yes. The platform has two exclusive and independent access interfaces for customers and suppliers: "User Interface Company" - "Interface Provider".
Is the information fully customizable?
Yes. It is configured according to the type and amount of information your company needs to provide to its suppliers.
How does the Provider access the query?
The supplier enters www.certronic.com and in the login section enters the user and password that has been previously provided
Can the provider change the password?
Yes. The provider is required to modify his password the first time he accesses the site. From then on, he can do so whenever he may deem convenient.
Who manages the password?
Key management is the customer´s responsibility, who does so through its independent access interface, entering with its username and password.
Can the Provider receive information by mail?
Yes. Each provider in its independent access interface has an exclusive module to manage the type of information that he wants to receive as well as the frequency in which it happens. Configuration is a simple and intuitive process.
Could claims be channelled through the system?
Both the client company and the supplier have a specially designed tool to send claims and to respond to these.
Can contractors send digitized documentation?
Yes. Certronic has a tool specially designed for the management of digital files by period and contractor company.
Can I get Statistics on the use of the Service?
Yes. The platform allows you to obtain monthly statistics on the number of inquiries carried out in total form and by supplier.

Support Form

If you have any questions or concerns about the operation or tools of the platform, fill in the following form.